Melinda Gopher not running for the House

Melinda Gopher announced on Facebook this evening that she will not be running in 2012 for the U.S. House.  Instead, she plans to “oust” Senator Baucus in 2014.





I wouldn’t hold your breath.  A year ago Gopher was threatening to challenge Tester, then she announced a run for the House.  Now the plan is to hold off until 2014 to challenge a different Senator.


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  • I seriously doubt Democrats have the time of day for her. She's a lefty running in a right wing party; consequently, gets nothing but sneers.

    • No one who follows the Constitution should have the 'time of day' for her. Though many of her stances are liberal and progressive, she lost me when she claimed that federal wildlife management should be subject to Native American religious beliefs. That is, fundamentally, no different than the claims of those who think law should serve the Bible or the Koran. Theocratic wailing is no more palatable from the left than it is from the right.

  • Does anyone have a clue why she just won't run as an independent (other than James whose suggestion just might have merit)?

    • It's virtually useless to run a independent campaign in this country. You end up reaching that 2-5% of the population that is idealistic and intelligent and doesn't get it's opinions fro TV, but In the end, what have you done besides offer them futility? If money controls politics, it naturally ends up being only two parties, as that allows for minor political and cultural differences, but also creates a huge organizational and financial barrier that prevents a third party from arising.

      So we are told that we have to work inside the system, which s laughable, as the system ferrets out and expels malcontents and dissidents. The Democratic Party is where movements go to die.

      Should Gopher run as an independent? Only if she is highly motivated and tough as steel and able to convince herself that there is long term good to come from short term suffering. Her best bet is to get a tent, camp out, get arrested, and hope Obama doesn't put her away for fifteen years for protesting.

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