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Mr. Howard’s Eloquent Response

Normally, I wouldn’t waste a second post on someone of Mr. Howard’s character or intellect, but I found it interesting that he decided to respond to my post about his racist remarks earlier today by attacking me on Facebook. In addition to a very flattering picture of me, he writes:


I don’t especially care what someone like Mr. Howard thinks of me, given his almost total disconnect from reality and his retrograde, prejudiced views about the universe, but it is amusing that he calls me a liar who “hates the truth,” especially after he deleted one of his own comments approving of a racist remark.

If voters in House District 60 return Mr. Howard to the Legislature, they’ll not only be returning a racist to the People’s House; they’ll be returning a dishonest coward.

Come on, Montana Republicans. I know enough of you to know that you can do better than this.

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  • First, I thought you were out of Helena, Don, not Big Sky. And not only are you a secular-progressive and a Socialist Democrat but you are undermining America! Where do you find the time?

    Seriously, it's quite scary that a guy like Johnson might serve in the Montana Legislature.

  • Ouch. Someone touched a nerve. I especially enjoyed the elementary response of "It should be called un-Intelligent Crap.." I remember my grade school playground overrun with exceedingly more clever quips. Class act. Very impressive.

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