Where the sidewalk ends…

I live pretty close the the construction on the Custer interchange, and my wife and I cross Custer and Montana essentially every day, either by foot or on bicycles. So it was obviously disconcerting for us when a man was struck and killed by a car a couple blocks from our apartment. But we were flat out puzzled when we saw that the sidewalk at the corner of Custer and Montana was closed, and a sign instructing us to ‘cross here’ was placed in essentially the exact place where that man had been attempting to cross when he was killed.

This is just he most extreme example of what is a general rule in Helena – if you want to get anywhere outside of downtown, you’d best have a car or a lot of guts. The lack of any sidewalk between Custer and Last Chance anywhere east of Benton quite the impediment to non-car transportation here. I realize we are a fairly small group in Helena, but has anyone thought that perhaps this is an effect as well as a cause of our particularly car dominated city? And that perhaps if the city were more conducive to bicycles and pedestrians, we would finally have an actual solution to our perpetually complained-about parking issues?

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