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Tester campaign continues to target Rehberg on undisclosed spending

This past weekend I posted that Tester’s campaign is targeting Developer Denny and his friends were are spending immense amounts of undisclosed spending in Montana.

Well, in the last week, the noise has gotten louder.

What’s important here is not the fact that Tester’s campaign is going after Developer Denny, it’s why Tester’s campaign is going after Developer Denny.

You can count on Tester making undisclosed spending from groups like Crossroads GPS a major issue in this campaign and he should.

Rehberg is having major problems when it comes to raising money.  As a result, he’s going to have to rely largely on Super PAC attacks aimed at Sen. Tester in order to win.

I’m glad to see Tester calling the Developer from the Rims out on this issue.

And it goes without saying that this issue is tied to the hip of Bullock’s efforts to knock-down Citizen’s United.

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  • I wonder if part of rehberg's low fundraising is that he knows he doesn't have to raise at much because he is counting on these third party groups to campaign for him. i wish reporters would explore that angle a little more. thanks for this post. I have enjoyed your rehberg/tester coverage of late.

  • Funny thing, while I was visiting some conservative sites, Ace of Spades, Hot Air and a few others I saw this ad.

    I'm sure like other ads it's regionally activated. Which got me thinking, why would Jon's handlers choose these venues for this ad?

    Impressions perhaps? Going to the sites where informed Montanans visit?

    Sign of desperation?

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