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Corey Stapleton Picks Bob Keenan to Lose As His Running Mate

The spectacle of Republican candidates for governor picking people to lose as theirBob_Keenan lieutenant governors has done thing—it’s probably raised the number of people who know who the Republican candidates are by at least 10. Not per cent, but 10 people.

The latest sacrificial lamb? Bob Keenan, chosen by Corey Stapleton, who still hasn’t cracked 10 per cent in poll of the Republican candidates.

Keenan, when he hasn’t been running “as a friend” in a primary against Conrad Burns for the US Senate or flirting with bids to become  governor, is a Big Fork businessman and former Montana legislator. He’s also got a voting record which might be difficult to explain.

  • After all, as a member of the Senate, he was one of 18 members of the entire legislature who opposed increasing penalties for elder abuse.
  • In 1999, he was the sole member of the Senate to oppose a resolution encouraging the Governor to include Montana Indians in economic development projects. On a seemingly related note, he was part of a small group of Senators who blocked stripping the offensive term “squaw” from the maps used by state agencies. No, really.
  • He has a terrible record on public education issues, including opposition to full-day kindergarten and funding our schools at the level mandated by the Constitution. He also loudly opposed measures to ensure that home school students actually receive an education.
  • While it’s not a state issue, he supported privatizing Social Security in 2006.
  • Finally, according to the Conrad Burns campaign in 2006, he loves increasing your taxes. And if we can’t trust Conrad Burns, who can we trust?

To be fair, unlike Mr. Gallagher, Mr. Keenan does have a record to run on. It’s just unfortunate that it’s such a poor one. It seems Mr. Keenan got it half right, when he summed up his potential contribution to the Stapleton campaign:

“Maybe I’ll be a positive addition; maybe I’ll hurt you.”


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  • Oh man! Just when I thought that Stumblebum was the best in the bunch, he had to go and pick Booby Keenan of Big Dork! Keenan, lest we forget, is also Schweitzer's mortal enemy and chief biographer. Remember, it was Booby who was gonna write down each and every single thing Schweitzer ever said and did while in office, and then, use it to DEFEAT Schweitzer! Well, how'd THAT work out for ya, Booby?

    But Booby K. DID impress Montana Super Reeporter (tee hee) Scoop Adams enough to be the main accuser in Scoops' attack piece on Walt Schweitzer. Wow was THAT an impressive legless non-story! We're still waitin' for that hardhitting piece of investigative nonsense and get some legs! But it better hurry, for the guv will soon be outta office! Poor Scoop, he got suckered. He was nearly arrived here in Montana from wisconsin, and actually BELIEVED the accusations of guys like Booby, Alan coalson Olsen, and others. Boy did HE end up looking like a horse's ass! But HEY, all in a day's work for Scoop! He's used to it!

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