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Tim Fox Rewinds His Campaign to 2008

Well, Tim Fox finally announced his bid for Attorney General today—just a week after you read it here first.  At first blush, it appears he’s running the same playbook as 2008, focusing on gun rights that no one is challenging, sex offenders that no one is defending, and federal policies the AG isn’t influencing.

Now some would suggest that Mr. Fox is running for Attorney General in order to hold down a job for at least four years. Others might suggest that he’s interested in finally developing a position on the minimum wage. Others might cynically suggest that he’s running because he hasn’t changed any of his dishonest campaign material from 2008 and thought that he might as well use it.

Each of those observations probably has some degree of truth, but in the end, the most likely answer is that the Koch Brothers needed another candidate to carry their agenda to state governments and Mr. Fox has ample time to make that happen.

The Democratic nominee for Attorney General needs to be ready for a well-funded and dirty campaign if Mr. Fox can defeat Jim Shockley’s apparently self-funded campaign for the Republican nomination.

In 2008, Fox ran one of the most dishonest statewide campaigns I can remember, prompting a TV station to pull one of his ads and me to write that Fox “has no business serving as the next Attorney General of Montana. He has run a mean-spirited, intellectually dishonest campaign that disqualifies him from serious consideration as Montana’s top law enforcement officer. Fox has proven that he lacks both the leadership and judgment to hold this critical office.”

If today’s announcement is indication, Mr. Fox seems like he fears Democratic candidate Jesse Laslovich, as Mr. Fox was seen peevishly tearing down and attempting to throw away a Laslovich sign at the Capitol.

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