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Montana Politics

Rehberg: Hypocrite and Liar

The AP dropped quite the story today.

For months, Montana Republican congressman Denny Rehberg has been criticizing U.S. Sen. Jon Tester for being the leading recipient of campaign cash from lobbyists. But it turns out Rehberg has been taking donations from some lobbyists without disclosing their place of employment.

… an Associated Press analysis of campaign finance disclosure reports through October turned up nearly three dozen lobbyists, who donated a total of about $20,000 to Rehberg’s campaign, with their employment left blank on disclosure forms.

These lobbyists include “a policy adviser to former vice president Dick Cheney who now lobbies for Shell Oil.”  So, not only is Rehberg a hypocrite, but he’s a liar and a cheat.  I wish I could say I was surprised, but that would be like Rehberg saying he hasn’t secretly raised $20,000 from lobbyists.

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  • Did ya read the WHOLE Story M.?

    The campaign pointed out that many lobbyists report their occupation as "consultant" or other euphemisms that can also avoid detection and argued leaving it blank is no worse – and perhaps even more honest until the accurate information can be filled in. The Rehberg campaign pointed out many donors leave the occupation blank for their own reasons – including farmers, retirees, and others.
    Tester had far fewer donors with a blank occupation, about 1 percent of his 4,675 individual contributions over the same period. None of those unlisted individuals was found to be a registered federal lobbyist. He did have some registered lobbyists who described their occupation more generally, such as "government relations."

    Read more:

    What I'm seeing is Tester contributors are just using "governmental relations" instead of leaving it blank.

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