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Montana Politics

Laslovich Announces Greely Endorsement


Democratic candidate for Attorney General Jesse Laslovich announced today that he’s received the endorsement of three-term Attorney General Mike Greely. From Mr. Greely’s letter:

Not only is Jesse an accomplished legislator, he’s also a successful and experienced criminal prosecutor.  Jesse prosecuted the longest Madoff-style Ponzi scheme in Montana’s history, has returned millions of dollars to scammed Montanans, and has worked to keep dangerous criminals behind bars.

It’s for these reasons that I enthusiastically endorse Jesse Laslovich for Attorney General.

Jesse is simply the best person for the job.  He has the unmatched experience, drive, and judgment to be an effective Attorney General for all Montanans.

It’s never very clear how much impact endorsements have in statewide races, but it’s been interesting to watch the two Democratic candidates tout their supporters as the campaign goes forward.

Right now, Pam Bucy’s supporters are far more likely to come from law enforcement officials, while Laslovich seems to have broader support from legislators and labor.

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