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Think Locally, Falter Globally

Looking over differ House candidates’ positions on the ‘issues’ of the day, something is noticeably absent – only Franke Wilmer and Melinda Gopher say anything about foreign policy. I’m not saying that makes Daines, Gillan, Strohmaier, etc. bad candidates. It means we as voters have fallen down on the job We should be demanding that our candidates speak on what action they will take on issues that cross our borders.

Instead, we apparently by and large vote on party affiliation, lack of media-covered scandal, time spent on TV, some intangible measure of Montana authenticity, and number of children/dogs/guns a candidate is photographed with.

So, here I am doing my part to make up for it – candidates will have a hard time getting my vote if I they haven’t thought enough of about foreign policy to add a blurb to their website. I understand wanting to elect the authentic Montanan propping up the head of a lifeless deer, but if the electorate doesn’t also ask that same candidate to learn about and consider their position on international affairs, they will have no reason to do so. And if they haven’t considered and researched the international issues that will face them directly or indirectly as lawmakers, they will be far more susceptible to ‘information’ provided to them by lobbyists.

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