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Montana Politics

Montana Blog Roundup 29 January 2012


Highlighting some of the most interesting and provocative posts in the past week at wordleMontana blogs.

D Gregory Smith discussed why Senator Tester seems to be so much harder working than Representative Rehberg.

Montanafesto authored a heartfelt farewell to Jeff Essman’s unlamented, unfunded campaign for governor.

Montana Cowgirl offered eight reasons Montana voters should follow the lead of the Democratic Party on economic issues and highlighted the Fanning-Baldwin strategy of appealing to “bigoted morons.”

Lizard argued for more focus on understanding the relationship between alcohol and homelessness.

PolyMontana laid out the laughable claim that Ken Miller is a liberal. No, really. Ken Miller. A liberal.

Over here, we wondered why teachers pay a higher tax rate than a capital vampire like Mitt Romney,  speculated that Tim Fox was more than ready to jump into the Montana Attorney General race, took a critical look at Melinda Gopher’s unusual strategy in the US House race, and wondered who Denny Rehberg wouldn’t take money from.

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