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Gopher attacks Gillan, brings positive attention to competition

As stated in a previous post, Melinda Gopher is sure to be the most outspoken critic of her competition for the Democratic Party’s nomination.  And it already looks like things are shaping up that way.  From Gopher’s Facebook page:

The post Gopher is referencing is a pretty heavy-handed attack on Kim Gillan, but there is absolutely no mention of Gopher in the post.  In fact, the post goes on to praise Franke Wilmer and, in particular, Dave Strohmaier.

Dave Strohmaier, for his part, has done quite well, picking up a number of endorsements. Strohmaier’s also been hard working and well received around the state. At this weekend forum he got glowing reviews. His answer to the Keystone XL question called for more thorough economic and environmental studies – and he questioned the moving target on the number of long-term jobs it would create.

Franke Wilmer is a strong candidate, having served 3 legislative sessions in the House, representing moderate Bozeman. She’s a scrapper, too – just read her biography).

When I wrote “I’m sure Kim Gillan’s camp is excited to see Gopher get in the race because it only further fractures the left-wing of the party, making her nomination all the more likely,” this is exactly what I meant.  Gopher attacks Gillan while bringing positive attention to two other candidates who share her possible base of voters, inevitably dividing that block of voters while leaving Kim’s base untouched.

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