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Livingstone & Zinke Demonstrate Keen Political Knowledge


I definitely recommend that you click on the picture at the right to get a full view of the396835_287934827930050_158687024188165_872133_1636051030_n seriousness of the Livingstone/Zinke comedy tour campaign.

Once I got over my surprise about the use of a comic book font for a campaign poster, I was quite impressed with yet another unconventional approach from this unconventional team.

Who else would

  • brag about a powerful ability to recall names?
  • suggest the strength of their campaign by using anonymous testimonials?
  • suggest that the government fund our churches?
  • suggest that B. Mc Q and B. McD, both from Helena, are two distinct people offering their endorsement?
  • claim that “when we are elected, we will be the first Republican Governor in Montana in 11 years?
  • remind people that they are so out of touch they don’t remember when the last Republican governor served?

In a process that is all-too often marred by seriousness and false efforts at establishing legitimacy, Mr. Livingstone and Mr. Zinke are doing their best to undermine the idea that campaigns matter.

A grateful state thanks you.

Update: This web site can’t be real, can it?

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