A Continuing Mission

Today the Missoulian featured a short piece about volunteers with the AmeriCorps VISTA program who visited schools across Missoula to discuss the continuing significance of Martin Luther King, Jr.  One section of the article is particularly powerful:

Christianson occasionally stopped his reading, peppering the kindergartners with questions about King and the importance of human rights for all.

“Can somebody tell me what is so important about Martin Luther King Jr.?” he asked.

Two dozen hands shot up, one belonging to a little boy who answered: “He wanted everything to be fair.”

We still live in a time where too much remains unfair, whether it’s the shrinking middle class in America, a lack of equal marriage, 1 in 6 Americans going hungry, attacks on unions and collective bargaining, or rampant xenophobia.

There is still so much more work to be done and continuing that work is what makes us Democrats.  So, this coming Monday, let’s take time to think about what we do to continue MLK’s mission of making ‘everything fair.’

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