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My Endorsement for the GOP Candidate for President


Given the national media’s apparent interest in the endorsements of former fringe candidates for public office and that I ran to become Montana’s governor at least as credibly as Christine O’Donnell ran to become one of Delaware’s senators, it only seems appropriate that I offer my endorsement today for the best GOP candidate for President:

It’s time for the Republican Party to stop embracing candidates who want to weaken the social safety net, especially when they have a candidate who has already tried to destroy it. It’s time to elect a man who puts the Id in the Republican Party’s idiocy and the dick in their Dickens.

That candidate is Newt Gingrich.

When Republicans have a candidate who unabashedly argues that millionaires should pay fewer taxes while children should work longer hours, the choice seems clear.

ABC, get in touch.

P.S. Lest anyone think I am not serious, I’d suggest my endorsement makes more sense than that of Ms. O’Donnell, who wrote of her preferred candidate, Mitt Romney:

He has been consistent since he changed his mind.

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