Why Rehberg is so afraid of FJRA

It’s looking like the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act has another chance at becoming law. Apparently,  Senator Tester has successfully attached FJRA to the Senate’s Interior Department appropriations bill. A similar tactic was used by Tester in 2010 when he included FJRA in the omnibus bill, but that resulted in failure.

That failure was due in large part to the hypocrisy of Senate Republicans who – after adding millions and millions of dollars to the omnibus bill with their own earmarks – opposed an omnibus bill with any earmarks. Makes a lot of sense, right?

Here’s a clip worth watching where Sen. Claire McCaskill takes Senate Republicans to task for their hypocrisy.

Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act has better chances this time around and it would be a victory not only for Montana, but for Jon Tester’s bid for a second term.

Denny Rehberg has spent the last two years doing everything he can to stop FJRA from becoming law for one simple reason: if FJRA becomes law it will be a major legislative accomplishment for our junior Senator. That’s bad news for Developer Denny who’s list of accomplishments amount to naming a few post offices, supporting REAL ID, and voting again and again for the PATRIOT Act (FYI, Montanans aren’t too found of that particular piece of legislation).

Sherm Anderson, a logger from Deer Lodge says it best:

“Obviously, [FJRA has] got to happen before it gets any deeper into the election cycle,” … “It’s already becoming all about politics rather than the essence of the bill or the importance of it. I think it needs to be the sooner, the better. Before too long, there won’t be much of a chance of it going anywhere because of the politics involved.”

It’s worth noting that FJRA is also supported by the Montana Wilderness Association, Trout Unlimited, and the list goes on.

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