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Montana Politics

Jeff Essman Announces for Governor, Becomes Less Likely to Win


I’ll admit I’ve spent more time writing about Neil Livingstone’s peculiar campaign for governor than I have looking at the other candidates, but this tidbit from the latest PPP poll is just too hard to overlook:

In the Montana Gubernatorial primary Rick Hill continues to be the early front runner with 37% to 10% for Ken Miller, 5% for Jeff Essmann, 4% for Jim Lynch, 3% for Neil Livingstone and Jim O’Hara, 2% for Corey Stapleton, and 1% for Bob Fanning.

Compared to the last time we polled this contest in June Miller’s up 4 points and Hill’s up 2 points, while Livingstone is down 12 points and Essmann is down 6 points.

Somehow, Dennis Rehberg’s preferred prohibitionist candidate from Billings, Jeff Essman, has managed to lose six points in the polls since announcing his candidacy.

That takes a special kind of talent as a candidate. Perhaps relying on the Rehberg political machine (or working to overturn the will of the voters) wasn’t such a great strategy for Senator Essman, who is doing his best to make Ken Miller look like a legitimate candidate for statewide office.

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