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That TEA-Time Religion

I realize Denny Rehberg’s freedom to worship is as protected by the first amendment as my own, but I really wish he’d stop trying to impose his beliefs on the rest of us. And no, I’m not referring to our beliefs about an afterlife, but rather his fanatical worship of profits over people in this one.

In last Tuesday’s IR, Rep. Rehberg argues against funding health care co-ops because “if its not good enough for private money, it doesn’t deserve taxpayer money.” Private investment has only one criterion – profits. The fact that Dennis Rehberg considers that single-minded goal an acceptable basis for operating a system intended to heal the sick and save lives suggests that his moral compass points in a different direction than most Montanans. I’m unaware of any religious text wherein Lazarus has to make a co-pay and only the lepers with health insurance get cured, and I’d like to see Rep. Rehberg adopt positions closer to those of his constituents.

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