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Montana Blog Roundup 9/30/2011

It’s beginning to seem quite clear that the brain trust working to elect Denny Rehberg to thebloground U.S. Senate might not just be hampered by a terrible candidate. They handed themselves a PR mess this week, landing themselves in a Roll Call, Politico, conservative blog The Western Word, and hell, even Montana newspapers—a few days later for a ham-handed effort to depict Senator Tester that was somewhat problematic.

Rehberg’s campaign might get cash poor, too, if they don’t soon come up with better gimmicks than their offer of $100 to get an answer from Senator Tester about the Obama Jobs bill. The Missoula Indy was the latest to claim the prize. I suggest they spend the money buying a Rehberg a better web designer. Yikes. The only thing worse than that? The man’s policy priorities.

Pastor Harris Himes was the talk of Montana’s blogging and media world this week, but I especially appreciated D. Gregory Smith’s take on the Himes situation. In it, he shows a generosity of spirit that the Pastor has never been able to muster, despite his professed Christian morality.

Matt Singer popped up at Left in the West to explain why Representative Rehberg kept his appropriations bill from public view for as long as he did: “Rehberg is keeping his profile low on a fight between the establishment and the Tea Party. The last thing he needs right now is a Tea Party challenger in his primary for bucking the Paul Ryan kill-Medicare budget. But he also can’t tow the Paul Ryan kill-Medicare budget line without sinking his chances in the general.”

Montana Cowgirl exposed more violent rhetoric from James Knox and TEA Party leader Jennifer Olson. The man’s an embarrassment to the state, but an emblem of his party.

It’s great to see Pete Talbot’s work again at 4and20blackbirds. His look at Montana’s eminent domain situation, which seems to give almost limitless power to corporations to condemn land without giving governments the power to protect resources for their citizens, is a succint analysis of an absurd reality.

Republican candidates are beginning to emerge, and it’s not a pretty sight. If you missed the premiere of the Derek Skees for Auditor video, you’ve got to at least see the comments about it. Brad Johnson is thinking about running again—and it doesn’t seem to matter for what position, as long as he gets some good government cash.

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