Rehberg Supports Pell Grants Like Erik Iverson Supports Telling the Truth

Erik Iverson on Saturday:

Campaign Manager Erik Iverson said, “Denny supports pell grants and that’s why he said that the program needs to be reformed.

Representative Rehberg in March:

H.R. 1 reduces 2011 funding for Pell Grants by $5.7 billion and the maximum award amount for a student by $845 below what the current continuing resolution provides.  As described in the section on the effect of the cuts proposed in H.R. 1, this would reduce the average annual award for more than 9 million Pell Grant recipients by $785 in school year 2011-2012.

These cuts would discourage many prospective low- and moderate-income students from starting college and make it much harder for those who do to continue their studies and graduate.  That will have a severe negative impact on the ability of these students to find and succeed in well-paying, productive jobs — and on the nation’s ability to compete in a global economy that puts a premium on a well-educated workforce.  Proponents of cuts in assistance to lower-income individuals and families often claim that America should strive to achieve equality in opportunities rather than equality in outcomes.  Cuts in programs like this, which help provide improved opportunities for success in school and work to otherwise-qualified disadvantaged young people, make a mockery of such claims.

In Montana, those cuts would have impacted 24,000 students—hurting their chances of college degrees and productive careers.

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