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Your Montana GOP: Stapleton, Skees, and Knox


Polls for Governor

While the philosophers at Treasure State Politics cleverly dissected the unsurprising news that Governor Schweitzer is not very well-known in South Carolina today, they left out this fun fact about polling for the GOP nomination for Governor:

Thirty-five percent of respondents picked him compared to 15 percent for Neil Livingstone, 11 percent for Jeff Essmann, 6 percent for Ken Miller, 2 percent for Ryan Zinke, and 1 percent each for Corey Stapleton and Jim O’Hara.

Stapleton formally announced his bid for governor fourteen months ago—and has been running for much longer—and he is losing to someone who’s actually running for Lt. Governor for another candidate. While I’m no political expert, perhaps Mr. Stapleton should consider running for another office.

Skees for Auditor

Like Auditor. After all, the GOP couldn’t find a worse candidate than the one who announced today, Derek Skees. He’s just what Montana needs: a college dropout who spends his free time misrepresenting American history and keynoting events run by racist conspiracy theorists. What’s not to love?

It’s a Hard Knox Life

Skees isn’t the only GOP member of the House looking for work and turning to the government he despises to provide it. Independent businessman and capitalist star James Knox is searching as well:


It seems just a touch hypocritical for Mr. Knox to criticize Montana Job Service, given that he voted to cut its funding and doesn’t believe in government assistance.

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