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Montana Politics

A 9/11 Fundraiser for the Lewis and Clark GOP


An Open Letter to Congressman Dennis Rehberg, Montana GOP Chairman Will Deschamps and Montana GOP Executive Director Bowen Greenwood:

It recently came to my attention that the Lewis and Clark County Republican Women’s club is holding a "Remembrance Dinner" fundraiser on September 11.    The Republican Women’s Club gives most of the money it raises to Republican candidates and other political causes.

As a firefighter, I am very concerned about any attempt to politicize the events of one of the most tragic days in American History.  And I ask you to reject any plans to use money raised in "remembrance" of 9/11 for partisan politcal causes.  September 11 is a day to remember what makes us stronger as a nation, not to deepen partisan divides.

Ed Cleary


Montana State Firemen’s Association

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