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Montana Politics

Sensible, Balanced Rhetoric from A Conservative Montana Blog


Your sensible right-wing voice in Montana blogs speaks:

The Left needs to be destroyed. They need to be eliminated from the face of the Earth. They are dangerous traitors who don’t even deserve the bullet to the head that is waiting for them. Laws should be passed mandating that they immediately commit suicide, the sick bastards that they are. The Democrat Party needs to be outlawed as a traitorous entity that has no legitimacy, and all Democrat office holders need to be taken out, lined up against the wall and shot for their crimes against humanity.
They are all so stupid, they have been blindly following their orders while working for the destruction of the country that has provided them the tools for them to use against us. No more! Rid the pests, denounce them in the public square. Exterminate them!

I’d like to think this is just an example of a dittohead breaking into Rush’s oxycodone, but if you peruse the the posts that have been posted at this site, today’s Hitleriffic rhetoric is the culmination of someone who has slowly become more and more unhinged.

It’s both sad and frightening.

But, hey, always remember it’s entirely inappropriate for the government to investigate the danger of right wing extremists in this country.

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