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Just How Much Money Did Rick Hill Lose in a Real Estate Scam?

I spend the better part of the early morning trying unravel more details about Rick Hill’s investment losses and subsequent litigation. I can’t say that I have a full understanding of what happened or have even come close, but one detail really stood out to me. When Congressman Hill went to Delaware to testify against DBSI, he paid for the trip by collecting $10 and $15 donations from other investors:

An attorney for the State Auditor’s Office, Mike Winsor, and former U.S. Congressman Rick Hill, an investor impacted by the matter, traveled to Wilmington, Delaware today to testify as to the need for an independent examiner and a forensic accounting in the bankruptcy case of DBSI, a Boise-based national investment firm. DBSI investors throughout the country pooled their money to pay for Rick Hill’s travel expenses in $10 and $15 increments.
"Many of the investors are seniors who relied on these investments to live independently in their retirement," said Lindeen. "They have a right to know what happened to their money."

That’s just bizarre, unless Hill was financially devastated by the scam. It’s hard to imagine a man with his kind of personal wealth being unable to afford a trip to pursue his own legal interests on his own.

Maybe that’s why his campaign is paying for his car.

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  • Apparently you don’t know ol’ Scam Hill too well! Ol’ Scam Hill has been involved with scams his entire career. When he FIRST was elected, he celebrated by bringing to GF to speak two sleazeball shysters name of brewer and marquat, or some such, who were under investigation at the time for running a scam against the elderly. THESE are Scam Hills buddies! THIS is who Scam Hill is! Ya just gotta wonder what in the Scam Hill the dude’s UP to next!

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