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Will Deschamps, Voice of the Montana Republican Party

It almost seems unfair writing about Will Deschamps, the chair of the Montana Republican Party, because, quite honestly, he makes it too easy. When someone makes a fool of himself as often as Deschamps does, he hardly needs the help of a blogger.

Deschamps decided to undermine the integrity of the electoral process in Missoula County, legitimizing charges made by the always-credible and somewhat litigious Patty Lovaas that 600 votes were counted three times in the last mill levy election:

I am writing you today to express my concern about recent reports of possible voting irregularities in the past Mill Levy election. My information, as well as yours, comes from a local CPA, Patty Lovaas. Apparently there appears to be 600 individual voters, whose votes were counted three times, and are listed on an official printout of the questioned election. If, in fact, this turns out to be true, this is a very serious charge and warrants an investigation on your part. You three, once made aware of, have a fiduciary duty to make sure our election process is pristine and secure. If these events did occur, a dark cloud will be cast upon voter confidence, in all elections past, present and future. I am sure your attorneys have told you that lack of performance on your part could have a very serious outcome.

Now, I’m no expert, but before throwing out accusations and demanding investigations, perhaps Mr. Deschamps might consider an offer of proof. It’s worth noting that Ms. Lovaas refused to meet with County Election Supervisor Vicki Zeier, stating that Lovaas had evidence in her possession that was not available at the county.

That seems…credible.

Following his stirring defense of democracy, Mr. Deschamps felt the need to attack the people in his hometown once again on Facebook:


I’d say you can learn a lot about a party through examining the kind of person it chooses to represent it in the public. Deschamps? Perhaps the perfect embodiment of the Montana Republican Party today.

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