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Montana Politics

Laslovich on Title X in Ravalli County


In an interesting convergence of stories I wrote about last week, Attorney General candidate Jesse Laslovich wrote an opinion piece for the Missoulian about Ravalli County’s proposed decision to refuse Title X funds for family planning.

He writes:

I think they’re wrong. More importantly, you don’t engage in a debate about the “role of government” by targeting a woman’s health.
Refusing the Title X money will effectively close the clinic and 465 people will no longer have access to preventative care. Instead, women will be forced to wait for a health crisis to occur and go to the emergency room and those of us with health insurance will pay for it through higher premiums. It doesn’t make sense and it’s highly irresponsible.

Let’s hope that Ravalli County’s commissioners realize that, despite their ideological opposition to family planning services, government officials need to make the health and well-being of their citizens the top priority of government.

It’s not too late to do the right thing.

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