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Self Serve Protests

Everyone probably read already about the pie Mr. Rupert Murdoch took to the face recently. What I found interesting was how the event was reported – with pieces like this. Reporters of all people understand who Mr. Murdoch is and what he stands for. The fact that he is still getting sympathetic treatment even from them shows the actual effect of such protests – to make the protesters themselves feel important, firing up people with whom they already agree, and alienating the majority of people who actually make the decisions.

The same goes generally for dancing, singing, breaking laws for the sake of being arrested, etc. I happen to think that liberals are usually right on most issues, on an intellectual, rational level. And yet, we are generally considered to be emotional, bleeding-heart weirdos, whereas corporate conservatives manage to come off as no-nonsense champions of rationality. Sure, it’s more glamorous to be a ‘civil disobedience martyr’, but we have to be careful that our enthusiasm doesn’t send the wrong message to those who aren’t already converted to our way of thinking.

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