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Representative Rehberg and Big Tobacco: BFFs

In more news you apparently won’t read in a Montana newspaper, ThinkProgress is reporting that Representative Rehberg and his cronies in the House Appropriations Committee have taken a great deal of cash from tobacco companies just as they voted for regulations that will reduce the ability of the FDA to regulate tobacco and keep it from kids:

The amendment, whose supporters in the Appropriations Committee accepted almost $290,000 in campaign contributions from the tobacco industry, may fall due to a turf war among Republican committee chairs. House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) is expected to succeed in an attempt to kill the amendment because it attempts to “legislate on an appropriations bill” in violation of the House rules. Such a procedural objection, however, does little to prevent Rehberg’s gift to the tobacco industry from being repackaged in another bill.
If past is prologue,  such a rebirth of Rehberg’s misguided amendment is likely.

Through 2010, in his illustrious career, Representative Rehberg has taken $51,500 from tobacco companies. While it’s been some years since my family was involved in farming, I’m reasonably sure that Montana farmers don’t grow a lot of tobacco.

There must be another explanation for those donations.

I realize I am harping on this issue—but I honestly can’t wrap my brain around how this isn’t being covered by Montana journalists.

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