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Krayton Kerns Battles Socialist Social Security!

As Representative Kerns mulls his political options going forward (the GOP gubernatorial field could certainly use another candidate, and one nicknamed “Doc” would be a perfect fit), I have to say that it’s quite commendable that he is quite clear about the positions he takes on issues—no matter how ill-informed and dangerous those positions might be.

His latest broadside? Claiming that America is overrun with Marxism, including the socialistic schemes named Social Security and Medicare. Kerns writes, in typically understated fashion:

In 1936, by a vote of five to four in the Butler case, the US Supreme Court ruled Congress could tax and spend money for any cause it considered beneficial. This was the first shoe. Prior to Butler, constitutional scholars had held all revenues must be spent equally among the populace, so this was a monumental leap advancing Karl Marx’s theory of “from each according to his deeds; to each according to his needs.”

The year after the Butler ruling, the second shoe dropped. President Roosevelt’s massive wealth redistribution program called Social Security. The third shoe came in the form of Medicaid and Medicare in 1965. Incrementally, these massive wealth redistribution programs soon permeated every corner of American society. With complete disregard to the impossibility inherent in every Ponzi scheme, citizens demanded benefits to which they felt entitled.

Although Representative Kerns may benefit from reading any basic college textbook about political theory or even looking in a dictionary for the terms “Marxism” and socialism, a more pressing concern might be his ability to budget correctly. He claims:

By next year, 2012, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the interest payments on our national debt will consume 100 percent of all tax revenues.

Not so much.

Having spent five years in Laurel some time ago, I just can’t believe that the people there really believe that Social Security is a Trotskyite menace or that we should leave the elderly to their own devices in order to assuage the fiscal paranoia of someone who wants to punish the poor for their poverty and the elderly for their age.

Laurel, you can do better.

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  • I’ve got a question.  How DOES one become such an ass?  Ya know, I’m probably about the same age as Crock Kerns, and I’ll be damned if I ever met anyone who was such an ignorant ass!

    And regarding Laurel, it’s ALWAYS been ’bout thirty years behind the times.  When we used to go out there in the seventies, the guys were STILL wearing their Levis rolled up with a white T-shirt with cigs rolled up in the sleeves.  Very, very strange place.

  • We need to vote Schweitzer out. He is not doing his job. he should be fighting the unions in Montana, who have stolen–and continue to steal–millions from the taxpayers.

    We need someone with strong morals and resolve like Scott Walker locally here in Montana to stop the bleeding and take action to bring these union criminals to justice. We need effective laws that reach deep into the Union Member’s personal assets where the stolen money is located and return it to the taxpayers of Montana. Governor Schweitzer is a socialist, bought and sold by the unions and he must be replaced by a governor who will go after the criminals and the money they have taken from honest taxpayers and the futures of our children.

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