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Flathead Beacon Covers PSC Meltdown


Thanks to Kellyn Brown at the Flathead Beacon for taking the time to write about the ongoing meltdown at the Montana Public Service Commission—and for reminding me that Legislature actually considered giving the body the power to regulate medical marijuana. One can only imagine what kind of fights would have ensued following a secret Brad Molnar trip to Amsterdam.

I keep hoping to see more coverage of the issue. It’s a critically important body filled with quotable personalities who seem pretty eager to air their dirty laundry. It’s time for the rest of the media to pay attention.

On a related note, I keep hearing rumors that James Knox plans to challenge for Brad Molnar’s seat. Anyone else hearing the same or is it just wishful thinking for the single most comical primary in Montana history?

Update: A reader reminds me that Molnar will not be running for another term, depriving us of an incredible election.

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