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#MTLeg Tweets of the Week Sine Die Edition

As the 2011 Legislature wraps up its ignominious, ignorant, ignoble 2011 session, one characterized by a deficit in both reason and compassion, it’s time for our last #MTLeg Tweets of the Week.

Over the weekend, look forward to the Tweets of the session.

Runners Up

  • @trentbolger: I gotta say I have the high ground on seniors as I don’t want them to starve. #mtgop cut meals on wheels to fund oil refiners. #mtleg
  • @brycebennett:If all you can say is “this is the best we can get” then you didn’t do enough. Montanans deserve better than HB 2. #mtleg
  • @problembear:THANKS to all dem legislators in helena who stood up to #MTgop foolishness to bravely defend the rights of all Montanans #MTleg good job!
  • @PatNoonanHD73:Rep. Skees says no to HB439 because the future of education is online so why spend $ on buildings when they will be empty in 15 years.#mtleg
  • @PatNoonanHD73:Rs okay spending $ to manage bison, or to join frivolous lawsuits, but no $ for jobs or food stamps. #mtleg
  • @ryandelasiesta:Today is International Workers Memorial Day. The #MTLeg has an interesting way of celebrating that. Fail.
  • @MontanaNut:#mtleg full of armchair doctors, armchair biologists, armchair educators, armchair landmanagers, & today it’s apparent, armchair leaders
  • @MontanaNut:Hey Rep Alan Ale, in case you don’t appreciate latin, sine die = last call for alcohol #mtleg
  • @BobBrigham:This #MTleg was pretty much a four month taxpayer funded PSA by the GOP on why Montanans should never vote for the GOP.
  • @Mike_Wessler:Sen Peterson says in majority you define yourself. Oh yeah the #mtgop defined themselves #mtleg

The Winner

@snachodog:Maybe “The Zombie Legislature” because it just won’t Sine Die #mtleg

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