Representative Rehberg’s Lip Service on Oil Subsidies.

As ThinkProgress reports, yesterday, Representative Rehberg told a listening session in Columbus that he would be willing to consider cuts in oil subsidies to reduce the federal budget deficit.

REHBERG: You know during this time of fiscal — what I believe to be a crisis — one of the things we need to do is look at each of the agencies and the tax code and make a determination. Where are the subsidies, where are the things that are in the tax code that give an advantage to, advantage is not necessarily the right word, but giving a financial payment to a company like a major oil company. So, everything is on the table as far as I’m concerned; that would be, the subsidies for the oil companies would be one of them.

It’s clear Rehberg has no intention of voting to cut these subsidies. Oil and gas companies are among his largest campaign donors and he has voted twice this year to extend subsidies for oil.

In this rare case, though, it’s not the lie that really matters. We’re used to Rehberg lying to us. It’s most important to remember his priorities.

Cutting Senior Corps, Pell Grants, health care for 9/11 responders, community policing? All things Rehberg enthusiastically supports.

Cutting subsidies for oil companies that make billions in profits with minimal taxation? Just something to give lip service to.

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