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Health Curriculum OUTRAGE Continues…

Could someone please explain to me what would make the 14 angry parents who oppose health information being presented to Helena children happy? Would it involve letting them personally create and deliver each day’s curriculum? Perhaps closed-circuit television connections that would allow them watch and then tase any teachers who express an opinion with which they disagree?

If those seem hyperbolic, consider the LATEST OUTRAGE that has at least 14 loud people angry: the Helena School District made books being reviewed for the health curriculum publicly available! The horror!

Wrap your brain around this chunk of today’s story in the Independent Record:

…Sticht, whose husband is Jeanne is running for a seat on the school board. “I thought they would have given everyone a chance since it’s been such a hot topic. It makes the group seem like we have no merit.”
Sticht and Hansen Rencher went to the school to view the materials and didn’t have huge objections.
“The textbooks themselves aren’t the issue,” Sticht said. “It would have been a gesture of good will to allow us some input. There is a difference between hearing our point of view and actively seeking it.”

In other words, Mrs.Sticht and Rencher are angry because the district didn’t ask their permission first before publicly displaying textbooks in an area accessible to any member of the public. Better yet, after months of wailing and hand-wringing, no objections to the material in the books actually existed.

Perhaps rather than seeking more media attention from a newspaper hell-bent on giving these community members all the attention they want, the parents who claimed these books were immoral and dangerous should just apologize. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

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