Rumor Has It HB 456 Is Getting the Brand

A reliable source has informed me that HB 456 will likely be one of the many deserving bills to get the veto from Governor Schweitzer tomorrow. As I have awkwardly noted and others have eloquently commented, this bill is nothing more than a tremendous overreaction by a few people who simply aren’t interested in ensuring that Montana students get the health information they need. It’s a terrible bill—in its ideology, language, and implementation.

Let’s hope the governor has heard the wisdom of students on this issue:

Planned Parenthood’s Teen Council  has already made a positive difference in the Helena community. We have had the opportunity to present to local church youth groups about HIV/AIDS information; this is a perfect example of the trust our peers have placed in us. Most of the students were shockingly unaware of the realities of HIV/AIDS, how to contract it, and ways to prevent it. We want to continue to go into local classrooms and youth groups to help our peers understand all aspects of health education. Please do not take away this opportunity to continue  our work with local youth. Look past the misinformation surrounding the issues and help us to help our peers.

Misinformation on critical health issues related to human sexuality can cost young people their health, their lives, and their futures. Here’s to hoping the governor lets this bill die the death it deserves.

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