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Another Award for Representative Rehberg


When he’s not condemning middle and working class families for using Pell Grants to improve their lives and the economy of the United States, Representative Rehberg is winning awards for his work in Congress. The latest? Recognition from the Nation as one of the worst members of Congress you’ve never heard of:

Rehberg’s heartlessness spans decades: in 1994, Newsweek reported that Rehberg, in defense of state budget cuts to hospitals, said “the problem with AIDS is: you get it, you die.  So why are we spending money on the issue?” More recently, in 2007, Rehberg voted against the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which extends protection from hate crimes to victims of malice and violence based on gender and sexual orientation.  An adamant supporter of the Iraq war, he voted against a bill to give troops mandatory rest periods between deployments.  He thinks that his state’s “coal and natural gas reserves stretch for hundreds of years into the future.” He calls efforts to protect the survival of Yellowstone’s gray wolves “extremist.”

Well done, Congressman!

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