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Neil Livingstone’s Strange Web Site

I’m sure that gubernatorial candidate Neil Livingstone will flesh out his web site once he moves back to Montana, but some initial thoughts do come to mind.

I wonder most about his intriguing campaign slogan: Jobs. Security

Of all the jobs the governor of Montana does, how important is security? I mean, Representative Warburton’s militia bill didn’t pass in the House; as far as I remember, Alberta hasn’t invaded; and as of yet, the wolves have not asserted their God-given Second Amendment rights to arm themselves.

While security is in Livingstone’s resume, is it what we really need from a governor?

A second concern is more aesthetic: I’d say that a candidate for governor who hasn’t spent a great deal of time in the state might want to feature a logo that looks like the state on his web site:


I’m not precisely sure what that US-flag shaped form in the middle is, but it looks like Idaho gained some territory to me. So much for security!

A third concern is that Livingstone seems to have an idea about Montana demographics that would only make sense at 47 North Communications. His list of coalitions that one can join seem a bit optimistic for a state still lagging behind when it comes to diversity.

On the plus side, were I no longer a vegetarian, I suspect I would love Mr. Livingstone’s recipes for chili and beef salad.

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