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Representative Warburton Shamelessly Panders Back Home

Representative Warburton, last seen using debunked evidence to trash  Planned Parenthood, a service that actually saves money and protects health, is back, this time offering a spirited defense of her votes against education, voter-approved initiatives for the elderly and children, victims of abuse, and deaf and blind children.

To be fair, she didn’t mention any of that. Pesky details like helping to drive elderly Montanans into poverty and children into less effective schools for the sake ideologically driven TEA Party nonsense tend to drive voters away, so Representative Warburton preferred to speak in generalities like efficiency and belt-tightening, phrases I imagine would have positively curdled George Orwell in their propagandistic euphemism.

So her omissions are understandable. After all, politicians have to pander to voters promote themselves just like anyone else, and telling constituents you are depriving them of critical services they voted for makes a simple narrative complicated.

In a stunning display of hypocrisy, though, Warburton actually defended her effort to fund local pork, telling the good people of  Havre:

With great bipartisan support from our local delegation, I carried an amendment to support MSU-Northern’s biodeisel research. I’d like to thank Representatives Hansen, Stahl, and Belcourt for the great teamwork on that effort. While it didn’t pass the House, the vote was very close, and so I feel confident that amendment will be supported in the Senate.

For those of you keeping score at home, services for victims of abuse and blind children? Not critical in a time of need. A research project for the local college? VITAL JOB CREATION.

I’m fairly certain those votes don’t represent Montana values.

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