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Rick Hill Certainly Isn’t Waiting to Go Sleazy


Some people never change. Rick Hill, who had to drop out of his last statewide race because of sleazy innuendo against an opponent is already back to his old tricks, attacking Attorney General Steve Bullock 603 days before the election, and before Attorney General Bullock has even announced his intentions.

I urge you to read the whole sleazy, innuendo-laden attack. It’s the kind of weasel-worded language that Hill and Chuck Denowh are known for, and it’s a sign just how terrible a Hill campaign is likely to be. He’s got low name-recognition, a limited record of achievement, real trouble on his right flank, and a a history of dirty campaigning. It’s going to go negative, early and often.

If this is the kind of campaign that Representative Hill plans to run, I wouldn’t be so sure that he’ll even get out of the primary. Montanans want a campaign about issues, not innuendoes. Rick Hill should know that better than anyone. He’d better hope it, too.

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