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#MTLeg Tweets of the Week 13 March 2011

In a week that saw the House Republicans defund vital services for women’s health and refuse amendments that would have restored voter-approved programs for tobacco prevention, prescription drugs, and health care for children, the #MTLeg Tweets of the week are a little more serious than normal.

While it seems that the self-styled Randian heroes in the GOP Majority in the House believe that these are just numbers they are slashing, it’s vital to remember that these are real services for real people with real need. It’s important that we all keep fighting to remind them of that.

With that, this week’s Runners Up

@kevhamm:Tim Ravndal wore Captain Jack Sparrow’s hat to the Tea Party Guns-R-Ours Rally at the Capitol, because, well, why not. Right? #MTLeg

@JulieGrecius:I’d like to arm wrestle that Regier dufus. @MtDems Women Are Not Cattle Or Property: #MTLeg via @kristac

@Jhwygirl:#nullification sure sounds like a job-killer to me: $1.9 billion federal dollars over 4 years? $500mil every year? #MTleg #MTGOP

@MontanaNut: Sen Verdell Jackson giving his “I Have A Gun” speech to #MTLeg House Judiciary committee re: SB279. Sorry, MLK Jr he ain’t

@HD97RepReinhart:Budgets=moral documents that reflect values, priorities. The $ exists to fund core public services. Cuts not needed & hurt people. #mtleg

@problembear:#MTleg #GOP denies heat, medicine and help for poor families but you can’t pry their cold dead fingers off their fed farm subsidies. #MTleg

The Winner

@EllieHill: Ankney: “It’s pretty simple.You don’t want to care for veterans, as a taxpayer, then don’t send em.”

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