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Montana Blog Roundup 12 March 2011

There was just a tremendous collection of posts this week all over the Montana blogosphere. As the Republican-dominated Legislature is getting around to the serious business of gutting critical social services for little reason other than appeasing extremists in their party, it’s great to read the insightful comments from people who are keeping a close eye on their government. This list represents some of the most thought-provoking and important posts from the past few weeks.

  • Pete Talbot exposed the unbelievable hypocrisy of the Republicans in the Montana Legislature, who while opposing federal law enforcement and actually refusing federal monies the state desperately needs, were happy to receive millions of dollars in farm subsidies. It’s welfare and socialism for you and me, but free market entrepreneurial assistance for them.
  • Jeff Laszloffsky, the charlatan who has made a career out of pretending to represent Montana families, was exposed all over this week for his hateful, ignorant remarks. Duganz analyzed Jeff’s uncomfortable obsession with other people’s sex lives, D. Gregory Smith crushed Laszloffsky’s distortion of the Bible and some snarky guy suggested that Christians could better spend their money than on Laszloffsky.
  • Rob exposed Representative Rehberg’s staggering lack of achievement despite a ton of self-promotion on every imaginable form of social media and MT Cowgirl analyzed Rehberg’s tea-drinking dilemma: how to keep the Tea Party believing he’s on their side while distancing himself from their extremism. Good luck with that! She also highlighted Representative Rehberg’s unsurprising lack of knowledge about the minimum wage.
  • Jack the Blogger noted the GOP’s incredibly clumsy response to the Rehberg video.
  • Finally, jhwygirl made it perfectly clear that the Legislature shouldn’t be listening to the TEA Party, but the workers who are really making a difference in our state.
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