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Denny Rehberg, Man of the People, Understands Your Pain


In these challenging economic times, it’s reassuring to know that a multimillionaire who campaigns on your dime feels your pain. As gas prices creep higher, Representative Rehberg reached out to constituents, sharing his suffering:


Of course, when most of us are driving around, we’re not getting reimbursed at 51 cents/mile and don’t have a multimillion dollar inheritance to fall back on when times get tough.

I don’t begrudge Representative Rehberg his wealth. I do, however, get tired of him pretending to be a man of the people who really understand difficult economic times. Of course, gas prices don’t matter to Representative Rehberg, for the same reason he doesn’t know what the minimum wage is.

For all his pretension otherwise, Rehberg doesn’t know or care about working Montanans and their struggles.

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