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Inspired by Rob’s post over at Left in the West, I decided to take a closer look at the traffic stats here for the past month, which was certainly one of the busiest in the almost six years I have been writing here. The only other comparable time was probably October 2006, when I was consumed with covering the Burns-Tester race.

It’s interesting that our traffic almost exactly mirrors the traffic at Left in the West, although my data comes for Performancing Metrics rather than Google Analytics. During the period of time Rob identified (Jan 29-Feb 28), Left in the West had 10,718 visits, and this site had 10,321. Perhaps it’s just the same people visiting both sites or something.

Our traffic sources are a little bit different. The most common links from facebook.com, MT Cowgirl, Left in the West, 4and20 Blackbirds, and Twitter.com—in that order.

I’m happy with the traffic in general. The combination of writing more often and having the Legislature in town seems to have people at least visiting the site—and staying, as the average visitor stays on the site for just over four minutes.

Focusing on just the month of February, these were the top items visited directly:

5. Who Are We? (Kind of odd, actually)

4. The Terrifically Stupid Twenty

3. Bills That Should Be Vetoed

2. This Has to Be Satire Thirty: More Bad Bills from the Legislature

1. James Knox Update: Attacking and Hacking (Impressive, as this was posted near the end of the month)

Well done, Representative Knox and thanks to everyone who’s been stopping by. If you have any thoughts about how I can improve the site, please let me know.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.


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  • Ah, as a young man I remember reading left in the west and often dreaming of some day writing for a blog approaching their popularity, quality, and influence. My dream has finally come true, though the popularity, quality, and influence generally come from Pogie's stellar reporting, not my scattered rambling.

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