#MTLeg Tweets of the Week February 25, 2011

Given the transmittal break and a exciting weekend plans of grading more essays than I can imagine, I thought I’d take the chance to post the #MTLeg Tweets of the Week a day early this time. Once again, outstanding work from everyone, despite the proliferation of angry sock puppet accounts.

The Runners Up

@MontanaNut: In interest of open/transparent govt, #MTLeg should provide Gary Marbut with personal desk on both House & Senate floors

@elliehill: Sweeeeeet! Pres. Lincoln visits us in the House… maybe he can talk to the GOP about his thoughts on the nullification bills! #MTLeg

@nikizupanic: Nullification: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” #mtleg

@trentbolger: Wilmer: 15 Members of the House receive Farm subsidies to the the tune 3.194 Million dollars.Be consistent and give your checks back. #mtleg

The Winner This Week

@ShelbiDantic: Fav quote of the day, Rep. Cook, “my passport is still valid- I don’t have to get one for
the confederate counties of MT.” Great day. #MTleg

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  • OH…MY….GOD! Funny, funny stuff! I THINK that we've got the Teawanker's number allright. ZERO! These guys are some real zeroes! Now, it's time to keep kickin' their asses! Never let up until these bozos are laffed right outta the state! The Confederate counties. Thas FUNNY! You see, I've ALWAYS maintained (after twenty long years of combat with these morons) that they're NOT scary, just stupid as hell! If you continue to laugh at them, IT'S CONTAGIOUS!

    They're NOT going to shoot you. They're cowards! The MINUTE I said that I was going to bring full auto to their little capitol steps get together, the message went out that they were NOT to bring ammo!

    Well, WTF? What GOOD is "my favorite gun" with out ammo? These dudes are a freakin' distraction from real governance. Give them their due………….LAUGHTER! It's the best remedy for fascism!

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