Republicans Should Know Bad Bills When They See Them

If anyone should know a bad bill, it’s Montana Republicans, who seem to have cornered the the market on crazy this session, with bills allowing spear hunting, invalidating local and federal laws, possessing guns in schools, and destroying access to streams and rivers in order to protect wealthy landowners. Given that depth of knowledge about poor legislation, I certainly would have expected their list of bad Democratic bills to have made a great deal more sense than it did.

Reporter Marnee Banks has posted the “Shocking Seven,” a list of so-called frivolous bills introduced by Democrats during the session. I appreciate Banks posting the list, because it shows just how out of touch Republicans are with reality.

The most important thing to note about this list of bills is that none strips rights from other Montanans. None requires invasive vaginal ultrasounds before a legal medical procedure. None establish a local militia. None call for guns in bars and banks. None jeopardize billions of dollars in federal funding for the sake of one party’s misguided ideological agenda.

None make Montana look like Mississippi before the Civil Rights Movement. None will lead to national embarrassment. Right, Representative Wagner?

At worse, they’re kind of silly. That’s entirely different than the job-killing, reputation-mauling, Constitutional-trampling tripe that’s come from the Republican side of the aisle this session.

Of course, if the person who put this list together had been capable of research, he/she might have noted that exactly one of these seven bills even had a vote in committee. One’s just a draft request that never went anywhere.

The exception? HB 528, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

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Don Pogreba

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His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
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