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#MTLeg Tweets of the Week, February 20, 2011


Another collection of the most insightful and entertaining 140 character observations from the fine folks at #MTLeg this week:

The Runners Up:

  • @Jhwygirl: How can I bitch about unconstitutional GOP laws when @BrianSchweitzer is telling national media he’ll defy federal laws? #MTleg
  • @superjaberwocky: Seems like if reps and senators want less government, #mtleg should pass a law abolishing itself.
  • @problembear:someone needs to call bo gritz and ask him to tell The Freemen who have taken over montana’s capitol to surrender peacefully
  • @JameeGreer: "Hello passengers, this is your pilot. Welcome to Montana, please set your clocks back 65 years."
  • @ChantelMcCormic: TVMT playing circus music. Very appropriate #MTLeg.

The Winner:

@problembear: after all the anti-woman republican maneuvers in #MTLeg these days the young republicans are looking kind of lonely on campus these days

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