The Least Logical Argument of the Day at the Legislature


While I wish Senator Ripley luck pushing a new form of gambling past the Motaniban ruling at the Legislature, I have to say that I find his argument incredibly hard to understand . It’s certainly refreshing that he admitted to having presented the bill on behalf of the gaming lobby, but perhaps they should have offered him slightly more coherent talking points along with the bill.

Speaking to the Billings Gazette, Ripley defended his proposal:

“I just think that it updates the industry,” Ripley said. “I don’t think it expands the gaming at all. It’s a chance for more revenue.”

If enacted, backers said they hope the new game would help attract some new customers and bring back some of the ones missing from casino and bars since the recession started and since the ban on indoor smoking at these establishments took effect Oct. 1, 2009.
“I think it’s something new,” Ripley said. “I think it will help get some new clients.”

I’m just a humble English teacher, but I’m pretty sure that bringing back old customers and attracting new ones might just qualify as things that “expand gaming.”

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