#MTLeg Tweets of the Week, February 13, 2011


Another collection of the most insightful and entertaining 140 character observations from the fine folks at #MTLeg this week:

The Runners Up:

  • @JameeGreer: I guess if Gary Marbut is calling me a “tinkerbell” in his email blasts for opposing his bills, I’m doing something right. #MTLeg
  • @MontanaNut: Legislator during ESA nullification bill hrng “I guess I don’t know much about this constitution stuff”… thanks for honesty! #MTLeg
  • @MarneeBanks: Harris Himes says if Jesus was alive he would support the #deathpenalty. #mtleg
  • @policyinst: Rep. Ellie Hill ironically calls Nixon, “a tree-hugging liberal,” referring to his support of the Endangered Species Act. #mtleg

Your Winner:

@BobBrigham: #MTleg: GOP should introduce an English-only bill to get Montanans to quit referring to GOP this session as “Guano Loco”

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