A Couple of Great Pieces about Representative Rehberg’s Inflammatory Rhetoric

What I like most about these letters and opinion pieces is that they talk about the Montana I know and the political leaders we admire. I don’t want my next Senator making remarks that would be inappropriate for a radio shock jock or leaving homophobic gifts on the the airplane seat in front of him; I want someone who represents the best of our state and its values. As these letters (and so many other moments) show, Representative Rehberg is not that person.

From Judge Molloy’s children:

This is a personal issue for us, and not only because of these comments about Judge Molloy. We are proud Montanans. In fact, we are fourth-generation Montanans and our parents raised us to respect other people, even people with whom we may disagree. We grew up in a Montana where threats and jeers were unwelcome on a school playground and unheard of in political discourse.

It is our firm belief that we must hold our elected officials to a standard of conduct that is representative of Montanans and how we wish to be known. The respect and civility that we call upon Congressman Rehberg to demonstrate are qualities that we see every day in our fellow Montanans. Each of us can and should rise above the divisive and shallow rhetoric that is becoming so common in public discourse. Each of us can commit to showing through our own words and actions how we can debate the issues with respect, thoughtfulness and vigor.

From Jerry Funk:

I am certain that Congressman Rehberg does not wish harm to befall Judge Molloy, but it would be a benefit to us all if he would try to think before he speaks.

From Roberta Zenker:

As a lawyer and a Montanan I think that amends are in order. Thus, I ask and challenge Mr. Rehberg to apologize (in a fashion no less public than his remarks) to the Montana Legislature and the people that he and they serve; the federal judiciary against whom the remark was aimed; and, to join me in praying that no would-be gunman take him at his word.

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