What’s your deal, Dave?

Dear Dave Lewis:

I admit we have different political leanings, but generally I think you are a fair representation of your district – conservative, but generally reasonable (some would say boring – others would say that’s a good thing). Your bill to put some basic restrictions on medical cannabis in Montana is a great example of this. Your idea to withdraw from the UN, on the other hand, not so much.

So, here’s my question – is it like Pogie says? Is there a quota for unworkable, outlandish proposals that every Republican must fill if they don’t want to walk the plank into the TEA? Does this one super-outrageous bill fill your whole quota and get them off your back long enough to do something worthwhile? If that’s the case, well, congratulations – you’ve probably found the least practical, and therefore least destructive, way to keep up crazy appearances while in fact remaining a reasonable person.

If, on the other hand, you really really do believe we need to withdraw from the UN, I would like to briefly remind you of two things. One of them is smallpox. Adequately reminded? The second one is the Korean War. Even you noted that no nation has withdrawn from the UN. But nations have boycotted it. Go ahead and ask the North Koreans how awesome it is when your biggest ally decides to stop playing ball with the UN. Is that really what you want to do to our friends worldwide?


PS Seriously, getting rid of smallpox has got to be one of the best things humans have ever done. Better than landing on the moon, even.

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  • Well at LEAST Lewass didn’t introduce a bill for license plates honoring the KKK, as did some moron in Mississippi. I think that he’ll wisely leave that bill for Skees. Seems that the Skeester is a sort of conservationist who wants to protect our forests, namely Nathan Beford Forest! Seems that Skeester is one of them “reeanctors” who just can’t let it go.

    But I must ask, has anyone ELSE other than me never heard of a civil war reenactor in Montana up til now? Hell, I’ve lived and worked over pretty much the entire state for the last forty years, and I’ve NEVER met anyone who even thought about the civil war much here.

    I think ol’ Davey boy’s just pushing the envelope, the NUTTY envelope a bit to do his part. He’s just trying to keep his bonafides up with the Bitterroot Bircher Boys. He saying, “Hey, look at me! I’m a Bircher too”!

    But Lewass does the state a real disservice by making nutty the new normal. And that’s not good. For that he should be condemned. Sane, rational Montanans must never allow nutty to be accepted as normal. I don’t think that that’s who we really are.

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