Montana Blog Roundup February 12, 2011


A quick look at the highlights from this week in Montana’s blogs suggests it’s been a tough seven days forDenny Rehberg and the GOP leadership at the Montana Legislature.

  • The writers over at 4and20blackbirds focused on the unbelievable hypocrisy of the Republicans in the Legislature.
  • MT Cowgirl addressed the national embarrassment of Dennis Rehberg’s unbelievably insensitive rhetoric about putting a federal judge on the Endangered Species list.
  • The Progressive Perspective, the blog of the Policy Institute, has the press release from the Montana Democratic Party’s list of the ten worst bills of the session thus far.
  • The moderately frightening commenters at PolyMontana may not know what office Steve Daines is running for and might throw around catchphrases like “Zionism” a bit freely for my taste. They’re also pretty upset with Denny Rehberg’s flip-flop on the Patriot Act. They better run a candidate of their own, if you ask me.
  • Even the very conservative Montafesto blog is outraged by the legislative session, suggesting that the Republicans are “legislating like the leader of an obscure religious cult.”
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  • Are you in neverland Pogie?

    The GOP’s had a great week – after all, they RUN THE PLACE in Helena –

    If the liberal bloggers in Montana are upset, 99% of Montanans are not going to notice.

    Have you forgotten, that the blogs have no audience, except for other bloggers?

    • I would say any time you ‘own the place’, and use that ownership to try to reverse the stated will of the people you are supposed to represent, and get called out on it by three of every four people who testify at your committee, and you still go ahead with your plan, it’s a bad week for your credibility. And it’s not a big secret – it’s in all the papers. So, yeah, I think it’s a bad week for the GOP, though like any good tragedy, this sort of hubris will only be identified as the moment that doomed a Republican resurgence in this state once the arc has been completed.

  • I talk to a lot of politically aware people. They don’t read blogs. They’re out raising money and organizing trips to Helena.

    Blogs are a minor riffle in an un-named tributary off a small creek leading to the mainstream of political action. Nobody even knows montanafesto is there. They might have heard of Daily Kos.

    That being said, Republicans’ legislative excesses have destroyed their election successes.

    • Mr. B, you keep writing that

      Republicans’ legislative excesses have destroyed their election successes.

      And I am completely and thoroughly unconvinced. I’m not saying that you’re wrong; in truth, I desperately hope that you’re spot on the money. Having watched these trends for several decades, now, I still see the urge to control coming strong from Republican voters. I don’t think that’s changing any time soon.

      • My hope is the Democrats will campaign aggressively on this for the next session. I think all they need to do is bring around that list of 10 or 20 insane bills and ask if people in their districts really support that agenda.

        I know there are conservative pockets in the state, but this conservative? All over? Definitely not.

  • Yeah, I think I missed the part where I claimed that blogs were incredibly significant. Instead, their commentary this week shows what mr benson suggests, that the GOP in Helena has so badly overreached that they’ve hurt themselves.

    There are few people in this state who believe in their radical agenda. It’s going to be interesting seeing the GOP statewide candidates dancing around this Legislature, assuming anyone asks.

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