Senator Jackson’s Discriminatory Gun Bill

I’ll admit that I’m confused by Senator Jackson’s latest foray in the the primary mission of the 2011 Legislative session, job creation. While his SB 279, which would allow legislators and security staff to carry concealed weapons at the Capitol, will no doubt create jobs at the St. Peter’s emergency room and for ambulance personnel, it seems ideologically inconsistent with other bills being presented by the Marbut Caucus during this session.

Why does Jackson’s bill, which relies on a demonstrably false claim about the Utah Legislature, limit concealed weapons to just the legislators? After all, we learned yesterday in floor debate on Krayton Kerns’s gun bill that bars, schools and banks will all be safer with armed customers concealing their weapons, despite law enforcement and business objections. Shouldn’t the same logic apply to the Capitol? Should the citizen-customers be granted the same God-given rights to pack heat anywhere they damn well please as legislators?

I urge the Republicans in the House, consumed as they are with the important task of getting Montana back to work, to rectify this HUGE constitutional and moral oversight immediately.

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  • Although I’m a gun guy and have a concealed carry myself, there needs to be NO guns in the capitol. That’s a ridiculous bill. The people of Montana should be able to testify withOUT any guns being around knowing that at LEAST the capitol is a gun free zone. Hell, you even had to check your guns before entering bars in the old days ferchrissake. Marbutt Man doesn’t know when to quit. He’s bordering now on lunacy. His poodle Jackasson is embarrassing himself.

  • Pogie, where in the hell is this shit COMING from? I consider myself fairly well acquainted with the average Montanan on the street. I’m a blue collar, rednecked, joe six pack, working man. And I’ll be DAMNED if I’ve ever heard even ONE other Montanan tell me that it was important to be able to carry concealed in the capitol! Or have a state militia! Or hunt with spears! Or give rich dudes ownership of public waterways! Or any of the OTHER truly wackoass bills coming outta the rearends of the teawankers! I seriously don’t get it! Where do these loonies COME from? It’s obviously not mainstream Montana. Hey, it’s NOT rude to point out that these folks who introduce this stuff are assholes. THEY are the ones being rude! We sent them to Helena in good faith, hoping that they would stick to the task at hand. Yet THEY are the ones insulting our intelligence and our state. We did NOT vote for that idiot Marbutt. We did NOT vote for the Koch brothers. We did NOT vote to be insulted by their bullshit!

    Hopefully, that pendulum will kick these stupid bastards right out on their asses next election.

    p.s. It WOULD help if we had a press that was at LEAST cut proud! But alas, they are simply nutless eunuchs who enjoy their status as being close to power without their nuts! I couldn’t live that way, but apparently Moseman, Adams, and all the OTHER folks in the new bizz can. And that’s sad, real sad!

  • p.s. Maybe the GF Spitoon could do another one of their hardhitting editorials on snow. That last one was so insightful. Moseman probably had to reach way deep for that one! I’ll bet his corprate masters were very, very pleased. They may have even loosened his collar as a reward! It’s better to live on your knees, said Monica Lewinsky, than actually WORK for a living! I guess that THAT’S the new motto at the GF Spitoon. What say YOU, Adams?

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